Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Visit with some family

Well yesterday was a good lil' Tuesday.  After the good run in the morning, I went off to work and finished a bunch of testing and it was a great feeling getting that done!

When I got home my parents were at my house, my mom had picked all the weeds from the front flower bed, my dad had let the dogs out, and brought my trash can in!  It was awesome!  Have I mentioned how great they are???  After that, we drove to go meet my precious Aunt and Uncle and some other family members at Panera.  I really do have the best family, my Aunt and Uncle live in North Carolina and for my senior trip they let my class (of 17) stay at their house for a week!  And to top it off... I had never met them prior to that!  They are just super super nice people!

Aren't they just the cutest things you ever did see? My Uncle is 84.

Here's a pic of the whole gang, we took up half the restaurant!

Last night, after getting home, I found some precious pictures of my family from long ago.

I just can't get enough of looking at old pictures, I love it!

This morning I did 4 miles and averaged 8:40 pace.  I'm tapering down for the half on Saturday... really hoping to do sub 2!  I talked to my friend who's doing it, she just did a 10 mile race at 8:53 pace, so I told her I was hoping to keep up with her the whole time, and she said "My plan was to try and keep up with you!"  So together, I know we can do it! 

Do any of you have races coming up??

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