Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Post

Hellooo blogworld!!

This is my very first post, and I'm sure all thousands one person reading this, will find everything I say to be very amusing and inspiring!!  :)  Just kidding, but seriously...  Anyhow, a little bit about me.  I am married and have been for 6 years. 

After I got married I slowly gained 40 pounds.  Ick. 

Not the best picture, but I can't find the one I was looking for- Apparently I deleted it. haha.

 So, about a year and a half ago I set off on a journey to lose some weight.  I started out just eating less-  I love to eat.  So I lost a couple pounds here and there and then started logging everything into www.myfitnesspal.com and using their app on my phone and was only eating 1200 calories a day.  It worked for me, was extremely hard, but I did it.  My goal was to lose 30 pounds.  I got to 25 and thought to myself "I wonder what would happen if I started running?"

So I started, sloooooowly, but surely.  I signed up for a 5k and knew the only way I would keep running would be to buy myself a cute armband for my phone (I'm so easy to please.)  I ran my first 5k in 38:05 and was ECSTATIC!!!  

I hit my goal of running a 5k and my goal of 30 pounds lost.  I continued to run and count my calories... let me tell you right now, if you are running, don't count your calories!  Eat healthy and occasionally eat what you want, but I ended up losing 10 more pounds for a total weight loss of 40 pounds.  And I'm extremely happy with where I'm at. 

Since my first 5k I've done a few more.  I have a PR of 24:30.  I have competed in two Triathlons, and I've done one half marathon 2:06... 

in a few short weeks I am doing a FULL MARATHON with my brother!  I am very nervous about this as my training has not been going super awesomely wonderful but I thought maybe my thousands one reader could keep me accountable for my last long run I need to do before the big day!

Oh yeah, and I love beagles... especially this one!


  1. Hi... came over from HRG.. looking forward to reading your blog.. :)

  2. Good luck with your marathon!!!!!

  3. Popped in from RunEatRepeat! So now you have 4 followers. LOL. Good luck on your first marathon. Looking forward to your recap.