Monday, September 9, 2013

The Weekend

Good Morning!!

We had a nice weekend.  It was nice not to have to be anywhere at a specific time or have any obligations.  Saturday morning I had a nice run.  Thought I was going to do 3, then decided 4, then decided 5.  It went well and about a half mile from home, someone came and ran right beside me... my hubby!  I was so excited, so we ran together for a half mile.  (We don't run together often, because he's freakishly fast.)

I have just been driving my car all around lately and I love it so much!!  In fact, this is how I look like most of the time when I am driving.

Sunday I did a short 3 mile run before church and it was one of those runs that just feel good.  I was running happy!!  So, obviously I need this shirt to wear when I feel that way, right? :)

After church, I made tuna sandwiches and we ate leftover pita and hummus from using a groupon Saturday night.  Sidenote:  Using groupon when you are on a "dining out budget" is genius because you get to eat out more often!!!!!  And I love eating out!  After we ate our meal, our friends called and asked us to go out to lunch... so we went, even though we just ate lunch, and I treated myself to a nice delicious hot chocolate.

Now on the topic of food, this also happened this weekend...

Yes, those are delicious hot dogs, homemade potato salad (with my most favorite ingredient... green olives), corn on the cob (with my most favorite ingredient... garlic and parmesan cheese), and STEAMED hot dog buns!  Hot dogs always taste better when you get them at a game and it's because the buns are steamed, so I steamed them, and boy oh boy, it was delicious!!!  2 sidenotes- 1) I love adding green olives to my potato salad, and you should definitely try it, trust me on this one.  2)  add garlic and parmesan cheese to your corn and you will loooove it!

Any other must-add items for certain foods?  How was your weekend?

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