Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Running in the dark

Good Morning!

I was so nervous this morning to go run in the dark.  So last night my husband bought me a new light to wear on my shirt.  I was still just as scared.  So he was a good man and ran with me.  At mile 2 I told him I wanted to do 5 miles and he didn't have time for that, so we separated (at that time, it was getting a "leetle" bit lighter so I felt better.  I got home and had barely any time to get ready and my hair is a "hot mess."  But driving to work this morning, knowing that my run was already complete for the day makes looking terrible a little better. :)

 I got some new nail polish made by CND (the same company that makes shellac) and it's called Vinylux.  I am very excited to see if it lives up to all the hype... it's supposed to stay on for at least a week, and you don't need a UV lamp for it to cure!  These are the colors I chose.  And, yes those are my crooked hot dog fingers. Ew.

I'd have to say that I did pretty good on my own little manicure :)

Last night I went on a nice little walk with my neighbor and her little son.  Lu went with us and of course was howling at the dogs we saw on the way.  It was fun and this friend of mine is doing the half Saturday too!!!  So exciting!!

When I got home, my precious man made us a little fire.

It was pretty cold out there so we only stayed out a couple minutes, but when I came in I decided that it's that time of year when my favorite pajamas come out!!

No, they aren't the most flattering pajamas... no, I don't think my husband loves them, and yes, my eyes are closed.  Hey it was night time and I was tired. haha.


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