Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recovering after a Marathon

Good morning!

I have had a few good runs since the marathon.  I took Sunday completely off as my hubby and I were finishing up our vacation time and I was soaking up our time together :)  Let's rewind though to my after-marathon meal... it was delicious and I have no pictures because we all devoured our food!!  But, I will tell you, that whatever you eat after you run that long will be good, but when it's good food it really tastes good!  Does that make sense?  Because it does in my brain! 

Us holding our medals at lunch
 Anyway, we had an awesome lunch, which definitely helps in recovering after a marathon.  But first, I did this. 

I didn't want to get shin splints so I stood in the 60 degree water for a bit.  I didn't want to shower in the public showers so my brother brought some shampoo down, and I bathed (with my clothes on obviously) in the lake.  After that, I made my hub go to the car to bring me some dry clothes and I changed in a porta potty.  Needless to say, after that, I didn't feel very clean. 

To continue the recovery process I used my compression sleeves. 

And I walked all around the different cities we visited wearing my sleeves and got strange looks.  But I didn't care, I kept trying to show the people my medal :)  Haha.

And the last step in my recovery process was to get a nice night of sleep.  Monday I took my first post-marathon run and it hurt!  But, now I feel so good!!  I am really glad I did that, and now I feel like I'm back to my old running self.  I'm going to keep mileage pretty low this week and pick it up again next week, as I am going to run a half at the end of this month. 

Are you sick of hearing about the marathon yet??  Sorry, this will be the last post about it I promise.

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful FALL that has just begun!!!!  That reminds me... maybe a pumpkin spice latte is in my near future :)   

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