Thursday, September 5, 2013


 Good Morn!

So last night as I was sitting watching Extreme Weight Loss my little pup wanted to sit with me.  Of course I let her, which resulted in this. 

Also, this little dog has been eating sticks!!  I won't tell you how I know that, but it does involve picking up her poo in the yard and there may or may not have been sticks in it.  GROSS!!

We started school and I have been so so tired when I get home!  I have been trying to get my run done in the morning, but there are only a few mornings when I can go in later, so most of the time when I get up to run, it's pitch dark outside... no good!  So I ran in the afternoon and then all the kids from school see me and yell my name.  

This morning, I don't have to be at school until later, so I got in a 5 mile run.  It was SO WINDY, so it messed up my pace.  I hate when that happens!  But then I came home and made the most delicious oatmeal EVER!  Seriously, I eat oatmeal everyday, but for some reason today it tasted so good!! 

Oatmeal has to be the least appetizing looking meals ever, but golly it tastes so good!!  Fun fact: every time I stayed with my grandma she would make us oatmeal and when it was done she would say "Come get your goatmeal!"  :)

Hope you guys have an awesome, incredible day!!  Hopefully you are all experiencing some Fall-like weather!

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  1. LOL it totally never looks good in pictures! I have memories of my grandmother making oatmeal for all the grandkids! :)

    Oh no to your dog eating sticks! My dog was eating grass a few months back and we always heard that they do that to make themselves throw up when they aren't feeling good but our vet told us to NEVER let him eat grass because it literally cuts little tears in their intestines!!!