Thursday, September 12, 2013

Run, Crazy Dogs, and Surgery :(

Good Morning!!!

I had a six mile run this morning and finally my times are getting a little better.  Still not where I used to be, but this morning felt good!  I tried to go faster, but it wasn't an "all out effort."  So I'm happy.

And I was a sweaty, sweaty mess.
Last night Lu was going nuts!  She was scratching at the door to come in the house and ripped all around, she kept running into our bedroom and then running into the livingroom!  Then when I decided to take my nightly bath (by the way, everyone should do this... so relaxing, and then you go to bed clean) She totally fell right asleep!  She is nuts, and here is proof.

Look at those crazy eyes!
Also, I went to the doctor today.  I have "trigger finger"  it's in my middle fingers on both hands and I don't really understand exactly what it is, but something inside the finger catches on the vein.  It's kind of painful and earlier in the summer the doctor did some injections in both hands and it didn't do anything, so surgery it is.  At first, I didn't really care, but now I'm getting nervous about it. 

I have a long time to be nervous about it, because the surgery isn't until January.  They can only do one hand at a time, which kind of sucks because then it's two separate surgeries, but whatever, I can't do much about it.  Also, can anyone ever go to the doctor without waiting FOREVER??  oh my.  Here I am waiting with crazy orange pants :)

Anyway, hope you guys all have an awesome, incredible day!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY! :) 

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