Thursday, May 1, 2014

Favorite Things Link Up!

Good Morn!! 

I am linking up with Beauty and the Greek for this month's These are my Favorite Things!

Who's excited for MAY?????? I sure am!  So here goes!

1.  Ramen noodles... totally forgot about this little meal until I decided to save a TON of money for my lunches every day.  Remember we are trying to spend as little money as possible, and I saw ramen and it brought back memories of college and for 33 cents I thought I'd give them another try and I love eating it!  So I'll take a pack of ramen, some veggies, and a granola bar for lunch and I'm good.

2. Running Club- We joined a running club in our town and I am loving it!!  There are some pretty fast runners there and so hubby loves it because it challenges him and I am always in the back trying to keep up.  Usually there's another girl there that keeps me company, but last night I was the only girl to stick around, so the boys took turns staying back with me... and the run still kicked my butt!  Mile repeats with hill work!!  It's good for me though!

3- Garmin Forerunner 10- This is always one of my favorites!  I don't know what I'd do without my GPS watch.  It has for sure paid for itself with how much I use it.  And I got it for a great deal.  I've had it for almost a year now and it's such an awesome tool to have.

4- Dunkin Donuts Jelly Donut Coffee- We used to use our Keurig all the time, but I realized how much money we were spending on coffee each month so we bought a cheap $15.00 coffeemaker and started using it and it does take more time to brew coffee, but I feel we have more variety with coffee and I love this jelly donut flavor!  Delicious!

5- NYX Glossy Brown Eyeliner- I am loving NYX makeup.  I've tried a highlighter, blush, and the eyeliner, and they are all great products, but the eyeliner stays on all day just like my Clinique eyeliner I used to buy.  And the whole line is pretty inexpensive :) 

YAY FOR MAY!! The weather is getting warmer and I have a teeny, tiny, mini tan from running which seriously makes me so happy!! 

What are your favorite things this month?


  1. Hi Mary! Just found you through the link-up, great list! I am planning on investing in a Garmin soon, glad to hear yet another positive review! I have been wanting to join a running club, but I'm really intimidated by the fast people!

  2. I've been telling myself to get a Garmen, but for some reason, I can't do it. I feel like my phone does an ok job, but it's such a pain to carry it, while holding the dog leash, while balancing lots of other stuff.

    I just need to break down and do it!

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  3. Don't be intimidated by the fast people! From my experiences with running everyone is so supportive no matter how fast or slow! I say give the running club a try :) and if you do I hope your experience is good and let me know how it goes :)

    My garmin was honestly such a great purchase!! The forerunner 10 (the one I have) is only $130. The new one I think the 220, looks super cool but it's $250! I say go for it!! :)

  4. I love ramen noodles. They are the best cheap food ever!

    We use our Keurig too, but I think that "real" brewed coffee always tastes better!