Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hello there!!

We had a great night last night.  After we ate dinner we went to the beach.  The plan was to sit in the water in our tubes and just relax.  The water was way too cold for my liking, so I sat in the sand in my tube.  It was still nice :)

After we got home, I was watching Extreme Weight Loss, doesn't everyone love that show??? I cry every time!!!  Anyway, Lu came and sat next to me and she STANK!  So a bath definitely needed to happen.  Poor Beag hates baths, but she did okay.  Isn't she just precious?

My morning running has been going well, so today I had to tutor at 8 and thought I would get up at 6:15 and go right away... and guess what?  It happened!!!  I did it!  I didn't want to get up, but I did and then the run was a good one!  Only a 4 miler, but it was fun.  Hub took a picture of me when I got back and I tried to pretend like I was running... Can you tell it was suuper humid today?  I was pretty gross. 

Oh yeah, I did spend a little money shopping yesterday- Target is having awesome sales right now, I got 4 shirts, and the most expensive one was $9.98!! Can't beat that!  I am going shopping again today, too!  Back to School soon :)  It has to be done. Haha.
There is a fair in a town a little ways from us, so I want to go tonight, but it's supposed to rain.  Hopefully we can make it.  What are your plans for tonight?

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