Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bad Runs...

Haha, after re-reading the title, I realized that could mean a couple things :)  This bad run I'm talking about today involves actual running... not "the runs."

Anyhow,  today was my last "long" run before the marathon NEXT SATURDAY!  It was 12 miles and I'm all like "psh, 12 miles is nothin!  I've done 18, I've done 15, this will be no big deal!"  Now, I recently (as in last Thursday) have started running on an empty stomach in the mornings, and I L-O-V-E it!  It gets the run out of the way and it's not there staring you in the face all day.  So, being the smart person I am, I decided to go out and run on an empty stomach, and with no coffee.  Not the smartest thing I've ever done.  The run was terrible.  The only good part was when I was stretching in my driveway my friend ran by and waited for me, so we started together.  We ran together for about 1 mile (and it was the only good mile for the entire run.)

This is how I felt about the run, in case you couldn't already tell.
After the one mile I wanted to listen to a sermon on my phone, well I just could not get it to work the way I wanted, so I kept stopping and finally just turned on my music.  I just was not into my run today, I tried everything and it was just bad.  But I kept thinking of my husband saying "It's not about the time at this point, you aren't going to get any faster, it's just about logging the miles."  That man of mine is smart I tell ya!

I got it done.  And it was bad terrible.  But, I did it.  I hope you all don't have any bad runs today, the running kind or the other!  Now, my only other goal of the day is to convince my hubby I need to spend money shopping today :)  I'll let ya know how that goes.  (I am going to link with Run, Eat, Repeat because she just posted some awesome tips on how to survive a long run!)

How was your run today?  I hope waaaay better than mine. 

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