Monday, August 12, 2013

Recovery Runs, Family Time, Cakes, and "Remodeling"

Hey there!

Whoa!  We had quite the busy weekend!  Good, but busy!  Friday, as you all know, was the long run.  Friday afternoon I drove to my parents house because Saturday was my Aunt's retirement party and I was the "Cake Maker!"  So I took all my supplies to my parents and baked the cakes there.  My Aunt loves the beach, so this cake just seemed fitting, and it went with the beach theme perfectly!

Saturday morning I had a nice, slow 5 mile recovery run.  It felt slow good.  Saturday after the party I came back home and Hubby and I went grocery shopping.  Yes, we are the crazy people who go grocery shopping at 9:00 at night.  Ya know what?  That is the time to do it, because for once, there were not a million people there!!  It was kind of nice. 

Sunday morning we rode our beach cruisers to church.  The weather was perfect!

When we got home we had some a TON of work to do.  We are getting new carpet in our living room and hallway.  We decided to tear the old carpet out ourselves because you have to pay extra for them to do it.  No thank you, I can do that myself.  My, oh my.  It was rough.  But now, I want to clean and decorate and remodel everything in our house :)  uh oh.

Today I had a nice run.  5 Miles 9:26/mile.  I didn't take my sunglasses because it wasn't sunny when I left but then 1 mile in, it got sunny.  I think I have extra wrinkles now for not wearing my shades :( My parents and my nephew are coming over tonight, so I am making breakfast for dinner!  Mmmm!

Hope you guys have an awesome, incredible day!  What are you making for dinner?

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