Friday, August 23, 2013

90th Birthday

We are in Missouri for my grandpa's 90th birthday!! And, I had a roadtrip with my favorite dad today!!  We started the day off super early.  4:14 to be exact.  My dad stayed the night at our house and texted me when he got up so we could get an early start.  I slept for approximately 7 hours of our 10 hour trip :)  To my credit, I did drive for 45 minutes so my dad could sleep. 

We had such a good time!!  For the time I was awake, we talked and laughed.  I have a good dad. 

We both wanted Chick-fil-A baaad! So we searched and searched for one and found one in a super nice mall!!  I wanted to shop, but we didn't have time (or money).  So, we ate our delicious meals and were back on the road. 

Tomorrow we celebrate my grandpa!  I am pretty excited!  I am also planning on getting an 8 mile run in tomorrow morning.  I am looking for some nice trails, so hopefully I find one.  I'll let you guys know.  (Since I know you cannot wait) hah.  Also, I'm planning on getting up super early since it is SO HOT!!!  But, it should be a good time!  What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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