Thursday, April 17, 2014

Long Run- Check :)


Well today is going to be a great day because I already have my long run for the weekend done!  Woohoo! I love feeling on top of things (because it's a feeling I rarely get to feel).  I'm doing a 25k (15.5 miles) in a few weeks so I wanted to get in one last long run of 12-13 miles, so I set out to do 12 today.  I broke it up and did 7.5 on my way to meet my little run club and then did the rest with them.  My hubby met up with us and brought me gu and water and I didn't take it... not smart!  So I got to mile 12 and I wish wish wish I would've done one more because I had a good pace going, but I literally had NOTHING left in my tank.  Darn.

So I started a little faster than I normally do, but it felt so good and then I didn't pay attention to my pace AT ALL!  On long runs my goal is to finish :)  All I'm trying to say is it was a good run.  End of story.

One of my students got me this on Spring Break and it is my favorite thing on my car now!!

How sweet is that?  Now everyone will know that I love beagles.  I feel like it's an important fact.

Today I get out of work early, then have a dentist appointment.  This weekend we have family coming into town so I'm in charge of birthday cakes!  You guys will get some pictures of that for sure!  And maybe some tutorials... depending on how they turn out ;)

Have an AWESOME day!!!!

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