Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Time

Hello there!

I have had an awesome week!  I spent all my extra time with my brother and his family while they were here and it was so much fun!!!

Yesterday we went to a petting zoo and I think I loved it more than the kids!  I tried to convince my hubby to buy me this bunny, but seeing as we have a beagle I'm thinking he was right in saying no.

I have a ten-mile run on the schedule for today so I'll update my instagram with how that goes.  I'm waiting until this afternoon because it's supposed to be beautiful out!  I love running in nice weather.  This winter was brutal, we had record-breaking snow and ridiculous amounts of ice, super cold weather, etc.  So it's exciting to be able to run in nice weather :)  Thanksgiving day we were in a 10K and woke up that morning to 6+ inches of snow!!  It was my worst race ever.  It was a trail run in a ton of snow.  Ew.

Have a great weekend!!

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