Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beagles like to sleep

Good Morn!!

I had a great day yesterday full of relaxing, eating, cleaning, and a little shopping.  It was wonderful to get up and not feel like I had to puke.  I hate having the flu :(

Onto bigger and better things... I thought I had lost all my running skills.  I was complaining to hubby that after a full winter on the treadmill I can no longer run outside!  What a tragedy because running on the treadmill sucks!  I decided to go out today and give it my all! 

Still not my best, but I am well on my way to be back where I was.  I thought winter and the flu made me not be a runner anymore... my thinking skills need some work huh :)

This morning my little Lucy did not want to get up.  She has had a long winter, too and has gained some weight.  So she is trying to eat less and move more.  Yesterday she went on a 3 mile walk and that did her in.  I took this picture this morning at about 9:00.

Yes, she is under the blanket, and yes I need a tan.

I got my hair cut and new sunglasses from a Dollar Store.  Woohoo for cheap sunglasses that I'm going to lose anyway!

I am training for a 25K that is in about a month so I am hopefully getting in a nice 10 miler this weekend.  What are you guys training for?

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